20.-21.8. Tallinn IDS x2

It had gone way too long time since we have been abroad in a show with Annamaria. Again this time she tolerated my snoring pretty well. Frankly speaking we slept very well and the hotel we chose was excellent with beautifull surroundings 15 minutes away from the city area. We can warmly recommend hotel Tahetorn. 
We travelled with Martta (Pixbo Yours Truly), Jack (Imbrez Get Bizzy) and Crash (Destineez Crash Run Into Myla). And usually we would have Been very satisfied to 2 X BOB veteran, 1 X CACIB, 3 X Reserve,2 X certificate and 1 X New Champion, but the meaning was to Get the last CACIB to Jack and we got just 2 Reserves…. 

Imbrez Get BIzzy New Estonian ch from Tallinn IDS

Imbrez Get Bizzy 

Jack did it just great already on Saturday, but same judge as two weeks ago in Druskininkai still have him a Reserve. On Sunday Jack was some more up, but showed himself still quite good. Result again Reserve male. I was just wondering if I should Stop wearing blue in the Ring….. 

Pixbo Yours Truly Best Veteran and Best Bitch 4th on saturday at Tallinn

Pixbo Yours Truly 

This little peace of Gold really is something. Thank you again Annamaria for giving me this possibility. She just shined again. 
On Saturday best bitch 4th, BOB veteran and shortlisted in BIS finals. We would have some better in the finals with a better handler… 
On Sunday BOB veteran again and second in the best bitch competition was huge. It is always great to show this shining Star!

Destineez Crash Run Into Myla At Tallinn on Saturday Best Male, BOS, Cert, Cacib

Destineez Crash Run Into Myla 

On Saturday Crash showed and moved like never before and he totally enjoyed all the Argentiina in the Ring. Resulting Best male, best of opposite, cert and CACIB. 
On Sunday the Day was way warmer than on Saturday, we also had a Lithuanian judge and result was Reserve male still with certificate 



Destineez Crash Run Into Myla Reserve Male at Tallinn on Sunday

Imbrez Get Bizzy reserve male on saturday at Tallinn

Pixbo Yours Truly Best Veteran in BIS-ring on sunday at Tallinn